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Why Choose JPS Health Services?

Home health care decisions for a family member in need, a loving spouse or a cherished friend make special demands that goes beyond good intentions.

When you choose JPS Health Services,  you will receive the attention and

qualified, caring services from our staff.


Our Services

Our Caregivers and Staff are Our Best Asset.

JPS Health Services has an experienced, dedicated staff of home health

caregivers committed to meeting the individual needs of the elderly,

chronically ill, disabled or recuperating client in the home.


We believe our team can provide an effective and satisfying alternative to

institutional care.


Registered Nurse (RN)

Graduate of accredited Registered Nurse program and currently licensed

in the State of Maryland as a registered nurse. Provides professional,

skilled nursing care.


Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

Graduate of accredited LPN program and currently licensed in the State of

Maryland as a licensed practical nurse. Provides professional, skilled care.


Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

Has passed competency exam and is a graduate of formal training 

program approved by the State of Maryland. Provides hands-on basic

nursing assistant care, including transfers, non-sterile dressing changes,

bathing, grooming, meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping;

monitors blood pressure, pulse and oxygen as required.


Has successfully completed the nurse assistant course but has not

taken/passed the exam for certification, or has taken the course at a non-

licensed school, or has had training through work experience.


Live-In: CNA

Provides care on a live-in basis, 24 hours per day. Level of care is

established according to needs of client.  


Mini Visit (Intermittent Visit):

One (1) hour visit designed to accomplish a specific care objective.


Certified Nursing Assistant

Bathing, feeding, transfer assist, non-sterile dressing changes, meal preparation, wellness check, accompany to doctor, therapy, errands, etc.



Sterile dressing change, medication administration, monitoring medical status and other skilled nursing procedures.


Level of caregiver assigned is based on client needs and determined by professional assessment. Cases that involve complex medical care or special services may require high-tech care and rates will be determined on a case by case basis.


A service is not classified as high-tech merely because it is performed by a

licensed nurse if it can be safely performed by someone else.